MDW is a dynamic, flexible, intuitive program that stores Crystal Reports® files, makes you able to these files view, modify and send. Moreover MDW have a flexible interface, so you can create dashboards from your Crystal Reports®. MDW assists in event and process of automation and makes industrial discipline to take place in your company. With all of these features, MDW is a unique Business Administration Solution.


• You can set MDW for specific time periods, like hours, days, weeks etc. Reports will be delivered automatically. MDW eases your business reporting processes.

• You can limit the schedules by time and number.

• Determine when you run the report, which format do you want and who will be the receiver. Report Timer MDW does the deliver automatically for you.

• Also MDW can schedule an event apart from a determined time interval, therefore after the event is occured, report of the event can be prepared and sent. You control the process of distribution of reports by MDW’s Event-Based-Timer. For example, when a data is occured, file is changed, MDW runs the determined reports and makes results be sent.

Decrease the costs

o Low implementation costs

o Low investment costs

o Increase your efficiency by integrating your other IT investments.

Versatile Security

o Reliable reports, prepared without human intervention.

o Protect your report designs by keeping in a database.

Easy to use

o Easy installation and usage

o You can limit the schedules by time and number.

Gain Time

o Decrease manual works and finish repeating works

o With the organized work processes and delivering of reports, save time and money


o Set report categories as a tree structure, authorize them specifically as categories, sub-categories and reports

o Active authorization, user-role definition and dynamic control

o Follow your users by using frequency of the reports.

Easy to manage

o Make user-based dashboards and keep them in database, renew the reports at directed periods

o Determine when do you run the reports, which format do you want and who is the receiver of the report. Report Timer MDW does automatic delivery for your sake.

Use Dashboards

o Save the dashboards

o Make dynamic user-based dashboards.

Customer Satisfaction

o Sending particular reports to customers to improve their satisfaction. For example you can automatically administrate your agreement reports on MDW.

Multilanguage Options

o Choose what language do you wish