Miracle Data Works Setup - Version: 1.1.6

MDW consists of two different applications, Service and Client. Service should be installed to server which works with MDW. Client should be installed to users who connect to the server.

MDW Service: At least one MDW Service should be installed in your system for MDW works. This program does system management.

MDW Client: Client should be installed to every user who connects to the server. You can think as it is management interface

For the installing please read below and view System Requirements.

For the first time users, user name and password : 'Admin'

File Name Description Size (KB)
MDW Service Server application.. 7,055 KB
MDW Client MDW user interface.. 10,945 KB
Installing Guide MDW installing helper document. 2,510 KB

Note : For using MDW minimum software requirements and download links are represented below. If you already have these softwares, you don’t have to install them again. If you don’t have MDW installs these automatically.

1 - For Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 version, you can download at this link .

2 - For Cyrstal Reports 2008 Redistributable Package (C12) version, you can download at this link .

3 - For Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Edition, you can download at for 32-bit OS or for 64-bit OS .